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Never Asked for Heaven
Bent Life - Never Asked For Heaven
Saturday, August 13, 2016 - 10:09
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Five years into the game, Bent Life have finally released their first full-length. Was it worth the wait? Hell yeah! “Never Asked For Heaven” sees these Midwesterners taking their love for all things Terror and Hatebreed and coupling it to a Pantera groove that makes these tunes unstoppable.


Throughout ten songs, they will chug away, introducing gang vocals, breakdowns and all-out thrash attacks along the way to further spice things up. All of the songs have this extremely focused feel to it, like these dudes have their sights set on something or someone (I pity that guy) and won’t stop until he’s down. They are relentless and unwavering and the first half of closing track “Permanence” is pretty much the only breather you get. Trust me, after the nine tracks that precede it, you’re going to need it before one final breakdown brings this concise and highly effective album to a close.