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bass drum of death album cover
Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - 20:30
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Basically this review boils down to one thing : if you like garagerock, you need to have this self-titled album by Bass Drum Of Death. This Mississippi-based duo isn’t reinventing the wheel here but they managed to concoct a batch of songs that are as raw as they are honest and as catchy as they are energetic.

Opener “I Wanna Be Forgotten” is wishful thinking at its best. It might only be two minutes long but no way it will be forgotten. The same can be said for “Crawling After You”, “No Demons” and “Way Out”. Feel free to feast upon the riffs, tight rhythms and catchy hooks, there’s plenty to go around. Bass Drum Of Death can rest assured… there’s no sophomoric slump in sight here!