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For We Are Many
All That Remains – For We Are Many
Monday, August 1, 2011 - 00:00
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Check out All That Remains’ 2006 album “The Fall Of Ideals” and you’ll hear a very pissed off metalcore band. Listen to 2008’s “Overcome” and you’ll find a more accessible sound that lacks a little in intensity. Now get a load of “For We Are Many”, a solid mix between the first two All That Remains albums.

There’s some fine shredding going on in this batch of songs where they combine melodic death metal and hardcore in a way that is not all that different from what Killswitch Engage is doing. Hell, vocalist Labonte even stepped in for Howard Jones on a recent tour and Adam Dutkiewicz produced “For We Are Many”. Need more similarities? Double bass drumming, very heavy parts versus more melodic bits and plenty of screaming juxtaposed against clean vocals. It’s all present and accounted for.

Is there a downside? Yes, there is. There is not a whole lot of variation going on in this album and the same can actually be said about the whole genre. All That Remains is definitely good at what they do but it’s all been done before countless times. And then some.