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Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 15:10
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In Tokarev, Nicolas Cage plays Paul Maguire, a respectable businessman with a loving wife (Rachel Nichols) and a beautiful teenage daughter (Aubrey Peeples). Then one night, thugs break into his house and kidnap his daughter. Instead of going to the cops, Maguire asks two of his old friends to look into it (turns out he has a shady past… shocker!). His friends are unable to turn up any info though and soon after that his daughter’s dead body turns up. Maguire then goes off on a rampage and kills and tortures and stabs and attacks anyone who might be even remotely involved.

That’s pretty much the entire movie… sure, writers Jim Agnew and Sean Keller try to add some depth by throwing in some extra storylines but no one is bound to notice them. Mostly because hardly anyone will want to watch Tokarev. It’s just another addition to what is becoming a very long list of Nicolas Cage movie catastrophes. Seriously, at this point in time talking trash about Cage and his poor choice of movies is like kicking a dead horse. It’s just no fun anymore. Can’t we start a Kickstarter campaign to get this guy’s debt paid off? Then he can get back to acting rather than sleepwalking his way through a movie?