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Snabba Cash III
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 21:21
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The third and last movie in the Snabba Cash trilogy is yet again in the hands of another director. After Daniel Espinosa and Babak Najafi, it is now up to Jens Johnsson to round out what has been a pretty impressive trilogy so far.

Just like in the two previous installments, Snabba Cash III centers around different stories that seem to be separate things until they all come together nicely in the end. Well, I’m not sure if nice is the word you want to use when talking about Snabba Cash but hey... One thing all of the stories have in common, is change. Jorge (Matias Varela) is planning one last great heist, after which he’s hoping to retire. JW (Joel Kinnaman) is obsessed with finding out what happened to his sister before being able to do anything else with his life. Nata (Malin Buska) is the daughter of Serbian crime boss Radovan (Dejan Cukic) and wants nothing to do with the family’s affairs until destiny decides otherwise. And in the end, all of the stories boil down to revenge. Who knew that when you’re living a life of crime, you can’t trust your friends!

While dragging on a little in certain places (especially the storyline around JW doesn’t seem to be going anywhere at first), Snabba Cash III is a gritty crime thriller that comes with solid acting, intense camerawork and a friggin’ great story that brings this trilogy to a worthy close.