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Small Apartments
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Sunday, June 2, 2013 - 18:14
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Franklin Franklin (Matt Lucas) is a gnarly looking dude who likes to play the alphorn while he dreams of Switzerland. His neighbours are equally weird: there’s a pothead (Johnny Knoxville) , an old guy who watches everyone like a hawk (James Caan) and across the street there’s a mother with her teenage daughter that Franklin likes to watch while playing with his other alphorn. Oh yeah, he has a brother that sends him his nail clippings. And oh yeah, there’s some kind of mental health guru in it as well who’s played by Dolph Lundgren. I kid you not. Franklin’s real problem though is the fact that his landlord is dead and lying in Franklin’s kitchen.

That pretty much covers the basic premise of this Jonas Akerlund-directed freakshow. It could’ve been a fun black comedy yet unfortunately it never really takes off. Akerlund relies too heavily on the fact that the characters he parades around will be funny enough on their own. Unfortunately they’re not.

I think that if we all just avoid movies starring Johnny Knoxville from now on, we should be okay.