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Friday, April 15, 2016 - 17:08
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Sheesh, the internet sure is a scary place! You know what you’re watching on your screen… but maybe someone’s watching you as well. Wow, as if Kanye’s tweets weren’t disturbing enough. What are you even doing reading this here on this site? Close that laptop! Disable your wifi connection! 

Anyway, seeing as you’re already here, let me tell you what Ratter is about. Emma (Ashley Benson), a beautiful grad student just moved from the Midwest to New York. All excited to venture out on her own and find her way in the big city. But then a stalker hacks his way into her cell phone, games console and computer and watches 24/7 without her even knowing it. Of course, shit escalates when the voyeuristic thrill of watching her digitally is no longer enough. But it evolves lowly. Very, very slowly.

We get to watch Emma right along with the stalker via the cameras he’s hacked his way into. What is clever at first, quickly becomes stale through repetition and even at just 80 minutes, Ratter feels like it keeps droning on wayyyyy too long. And as if that isn’t bad enough yet, it leads up to an entirely unsatisfying finale, which is when I realized that the only scary thing about Ratter was the fact that I had just wasted one hour and 20 minutes of my life.