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La Prochaine Fois Je Viserai Le Coeur
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Saturday, March 28, 2015 - 15:16
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Based on a true story, French thriller La Prochaine Fois Je Viserai Le Coeur (next time I’ll aim for the heart) tell the story of Franck Neuhart (Guillaume Canet), a police officer in a sleepy French town who investigated his own crimes between 1978 and 1979. When he wasn’t investigating or committing those crimes, he spent his time self-flagellating or behaving like a complete asshole towards a woman who for some strange reason seemed to like him.

Why did he do these things? Fucked if we know! Neither does director Cédric Anger, who haphazardly jumps from one scene to the next, seemingly as puzzled by the man’s actions as Neuhart himself. Anger also seems to want to keep some distance, filming everything as objectively as if he were making a documentary. The result is you are never really drawn into the story. One thing the movie has going for itself is the cinematograph but unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to keep me interested.