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The Equalizer
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Sunday, January 18, 2015 - 13:39
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The Equalizer sees director Antoine Fuqua teaming up again with Denzel Washington. If you are expecting another Training Day, you might be disappointed. If you are looking for a solid action flick with a lot of stylized violence however, this is just the movie for you.

Washington plays Robert McCall, a quiet man who adheres to a Spartan lifestyle and who keeps his past a mystery to those around him. All we know about him is that he wakes up, goes to work and then heads for the local diner to read a book, his way of making the most of yet another sleepless night.

It’s in that diner that he runs into Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz), a young girl working the street for some rather ruthless Russian gangsters. After she’s on the wrong end of a brutal beating, McCall feels he cannot stand by idly and starts using the skills from his past to serve out vengeance against those who deserve it. In doing so, he pisses off plenty of people and all this inevitably builds up to a bloody climax where McCall shows off some rather inventive uses for barbed wire and a power drill.

Yeah, The Equalizer doesn’t serve much in terms of a story, but to Fuqua’s credit he seems to have embraced the fact that this is a B movie and runs with it. Much like Liam Neeson and his Taken franchise, this is brainless fun and lends itself perfectly for a sequel. I’m thinking The Equalizer 2 : Balancing The Scales.