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Django Unchained
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Sunday, June 2, 2013 - 20:31
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With Tarantino’s love for all things exploitation, it was bound to happen that the good man was going to make a western. And that’s how come we’re watching Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) almost talking two slave drivers to death before simply shooting them during a nightly encounter at the beginning of the movie.

One of the slaves is called Django (Jamie Foxx) and Schultz – a former dentist gone bounty hunting - needs his help to bring some baddies to justice. In return he’ll make Django a free man and reunite him with his wife Broomhilda, who was sold to the sadistic plantation owner Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio).

That collaboration is the start for lots of gunfights, trademark Tarantino dialogues, Ennio Morricone tunes and a has-been who gets a second chance (Don Johnson). Despite its length of over 160 minutes, Django Unchained is a near unstoppable spectacle that only knows the occasional dip. After all, there’s only so many times Waltz’ drawn out monologues you can take. On the other hand this movie also features the funniest scene Tarantino has ever written with a raid party complaining about not being able to see through the holes in their masks.

Just like with all his other movies, Tarantino knows how to drag his audience in his own universe and while we all know know the formula by now, he continues to dazzle. That just leaves one question…  what’s up next?