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Deliver Us From Evil
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Sunday, January 18, 2015 - 14:24
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Based on the book by New York police officer Ralph Sarchie, Deliver Us From Evil follows Sarchie (played by Eric Bana) as he investigates a series of disturbing crimes that involve the supernatural and cause him to hear songs by The Doors. Because nobody wants to hear The Doors all day long, he joins forces with the somewhat unconventional priest Mendoza (Edgar Ramirez) and together they fight back the demons terrorizing the city.

Director Scott Derrickson already entertained us with The Exorcism Of Emily Rose and the creepy as fuck Sinister and does so again with this one. Sure, the plot here doesn’t add up to a whole lot and we’ve seen plenty of other exorcism pictures in the last couple of years, but if there is one thing that Derrickson can pull of it’s creating an eerie atmosphere. The movie would have benefitted from a shorter running time to speed up the pace, but Bana does a good job and there are plenty of scares, making Deliver Us From Evil an okay horror flick.