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Burying The Ex
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015 - 18:42
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Gremlins/Piranha director Joe Dante is back with a new flick, “Burying The Ex”. This time around the Roger Corman pupil takes a closer look at codependency in relationships and the risks of moving in together while using all the elements of a zomcom and 80ies horror.

Max (Anton Yelchin) works in a horror-themed novelty shop and is happy in his apartment that is covered wall to wall with posters of obscure B-movies. This changes however when his vegan blogger girlfriend Evelyn (Ashley Greene) moves in and takes it upon herself to redecorate the place. It’s then that Max starts to rethink his compatibility with the needy and slightly unbalanced Evelyn, especially after meeting Olivia (Alexandra Daddario), who shares his love of all things horror.

Right after his stepbrother Travis (Oliver Cooper) convinces him to break up with his girlfriend, Evelyn gets run over by a truck. It doesn’t take long though before Evelyn comes back from the dead, even more possessive than ever before. If Max thought breaking up was hard before, he quickly finds out it’s next to impossible when your girlfriend is a zombie.

From the trashy opening credits to the countless references to horror classics, there is a lot to enjoy and the whole movie feels like it could have just as well been made in the 80ies itself. There’s enough blood to keep gore lovers happy without scaring away those who just want to watch a dark comedy. The idea is fun enough even if it feels a little overstretched at 99 minutes (it was based on screenplay writer Alan Trezza’s 2008 short) and everyone involved seems to be having a good time. If you’re nostalgic for the horror movies from the 80ies, then Burying The Ex is definitely worth a watch.