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Breaking Bad S03
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Sunday, June 2, 2013 - 20:24

Who doesn’t love Breaking Bad? If you don’t, click on the little x on the top of the screen and never visit this site again. You are not welcome here. I mean, what’s not to love about Walter White, the chemistry teacher who gets in the meth business along with a shady ex-student of his after he gets diagnosed with terminal lung cancer?

Season 3 kicks off with Walt’s wife Skyler finding out her husband is in the drug business. Needless to say she doesn’t take it well. A plane crashing on your neighborhood doesn’t exactly spell ‘good morning’ either. Even worse is the fact that Walter is indirectly responsible for the crash seeing as the air traffic controller was distraught after his junkie daughter choked on her own vomit with Walter watching. On top of that a Mexican drug cartel has sent two assassins who are out for Walter’s blood.

The thing that makes Breaking Bad so damn addictive (ha!) is the fact that the performances are all amazing, the action continually builds up until it explodes off the screen and the humour is as black as can be. Try not to become hooked!

Extras come in the form of audio comments for five episodes, a look behind the scenes, a couple of deleted scenes and video podcasts by cast and crew.