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Monday, May 19, 2014 - 21:46

vi.be is an online platform where young Belgian bands can introduce themselves and where they get to bask in the attention of others while looking for shows, airplay and reviews. Seeing as we love young new bands, we figured it would be fun to pick one band each month that we like and ask them a bunch of questions. First up, the Reeves!

PRT: Who are you and what would you like to tell our readers about yourself?

My name is Christopher Reeve and I am not Superman, nor am I dead or confined to a wheelchair. I play rhythm guitar in a band called The Reeves. We kind of try to blend garage rock, soul, rock ‘n’ roll and punk rock into catchy, upbeat tunes.

PRT: Can you give me the history of the band in the form of a tweet?

2012: 4 dudes find female singer. 2013: Love is like a heat wave with snappy guitar riffs. 2014: steady giggin’. #Letsstartaband

PRT: If The Reeves were the lovechild of two other bands, which bands would have had sex and which position were you conceived in?

Two? Just two? We’ve got so many different influences we need a massive orgy that would put Caligula to shame.

Somewhere in that orgy you might see The Bellrays riding The Sonics in reverse cowgirl position. And Martha Reeves & The Vandellas being wheelbarrowed by The Hives. And The Hellacopters doing the Tominagi to Detroit Cobras.

PRT: Your latest release is called “Have Love”. What do you have love for?

Good food. As much as we love music, our rehearsals somehow end in the whole band discussing their dinner plans, menus, good restaurants and culinary tips. Band meetings are usually held in a restaurant or at home with a bunch of yummie homemade snacks.

PRT: What is the best thing to have happened so far since you started The Reeves?

Hitting the ground running. As soon as we were ready to play, we’ve been able to gig regularly. Even though we may not be the most “conventional” or “hip” garage rock band, we’ve seen bands struggle a lot more with scoring shows than we do.

Giggin’ gighlights were probably opening for The Jim Jones Revue in Trix, an awesome venue in Antwerp. And playing two open-air festivals in one day on different sides of Belgium. That was a lot of fun.

All shows have been amazing, really. And we’ve had a very nice run lately, playing for a whole bunch of new faces and always having a crew of familiar ones in the crowd.

PRT: Where can people catch you live in the next couple of weeks?

Saturday June 28th on the Dijlefeesten, an awesome free festival in our hometown of Mechelen on a huge pontoon in the water. The very groovy garage duo Deap Vally is also playing.

PRT: Why should people come to one of those shows?

For those who’ve seen us before: we’re gonna play two new songs that we haven’t recorded yet and a brand new cover song.

For all the newcomers at our show: we’ve got a dirty dozen of catchy tunes and we’ll do our darndest best to make you dance. But please don’t twerk.

For all the dudes: we always have quite a few attractive women at our shows. At least, compared to black metal or hardcore gigs. And they dance. Don’t believe me? Come to the front row and see for yourself.

For all the ladies: we tell cool dudes that there are a lot of ladies at our shows. So come pick your next boyfriend and dance a little dance.

PRT: What is one thing about your fellow band members that you have managed to keep under wraps until now?

The band member in question shall remain unnamed, but one of us – despite playing in a rock ‘n’ roll band – is somewhat of a hippie who enjoys running through the woods and playing gigs on sandals. Even more so, he has no qualms about moshing on sandals.

Another band member had his doctor prescribe a fake sick-note so he could leave in time for The Fest in Gainesville.

PRT: For more information about The Reeves, people should go to…

The internet! Come say “hello” on www.facebook.com/thereevesrock or www.vi.be/thereevesrock, or listen to our tunes and download ‘em on www.thereeves.bandcamp.com.


Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

Lacking the talent to actually play in a band, Tom decided he would write about bands instead. Turns out his writing skills are mediocre at best as well.