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Wednesday, February 15, 2017 - 16:04

In case you hadn't noticed yet, Pulley is back! They released their first new album in twelve years late last year and "No Change In The Weather" comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect (and want) to hear on a Pulley album. Except for actual bells and whistles. We caught up with vocalist Scott Radinsky for a short talk about the new album.


PRT: "No Change In The Weather" is your first full-length in twelve years and your first new tunes in five years. What took you guys so long? 

Scott: Finding the time and a label who could properly help us with the process,, we had put out the last two releases out on our own and it's just difficult to do it right that way.


PRT: Did you write all of the songs once you had decided to record a new album or did they come to be gradually over the years?

Scott: The song writing is always ongoing,, it does help though when there's an idea of when it will be recorded to put a little pressure on to commit and finalize certain things.


PRT: Is it easier or harder to write new songs now that you have been a band this long? 

Scott: Easier.


PRT: You recorded the album with Matt Hyde and Ryan Greene. What was it they were able to bring to the table?

Scott: They both bring a ton of experience in what they do and it really helps when we get stuck with something,, both are very creative and having done almost all the pulley recording with either one or the other definitely brings a sort of comfort that helps a lot when the record button is pushed.


PRT: The album is getting a lot of positive feedback and you seem to be genuinely surprised by that. Were you worried no one would care anymore?

Scott: Haven't read anything that mentioned being surprised and hopefully that doesn't come of wrong? We’re stoked on how everything came out and extremely proud. Also very happy to have it well received, good to know what was recorded is liked by fans.


PRT: 2016 saw new releases by you, Descendents, Face To Face, Bouncing Souls,... All bands that have been around for a long time that are still making albums and playing shows, while tons of younger bands have long since come and gone. What is your secret to longevity?

Scott: Maybe because we all started doing this for the right reasons? Being in a band should have meaning behind its existence and instant popularity and money shouldn't be the reason, not saying that goes for all young bands at all but everyone seems to want to be a rockstar these days.


PRT: Do you think you had a different mentality or different expectations when you started out?

Scott: Well I'd say we we're at a different place In our lives at that time but the goal has always been to have fun and write good music.


PRT: Something I've wondered about when bands have been around for a while... are there songs you don't play anymore because they don't resonate as strongly with you as they did when you wrote them? Or songs where the meaning of the song changed over the years?

Scott: Of course there are songs that never make the set list,, a lot of times at least for us it has to do with how well we can perform them live,, lyrics or lack of them sometimes can be a reason also,, for us though it's usually performance and how well they go over with a crowd, some songs are just good to hear on a cd and live we can't do them justice.


PRT: What's up next for Pulley in 2017?

Scott: Hopefully good health and the ability to continue on with what we started and love to do.


Tom Dumarey
Tom Dumarey

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