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Things have been going pretty fast for Cobra Skulls. And it doesn't look like they'll be slowing down anytime soon with them signing to Fat Wreck and having just released another EP called "Bringing The War Home". It's out now on Fat Wreck and you should own a copy!

PRT: Could you please introduce yourself in ten words and four numbers?
Devin: Haha! Really!?...... "My name is Devin. I play bass and sing okay. 1 2 3 4! "

PRT: You just released a brand new and very awesome EP. What would you like to tell us about it?
Devin: Thanks for the "awesome". It's 4 new songs and the Bad Religion cover we did for their tribute album. It's the first recording with our new drummer, Luke. We did songs that I had been sitting on for a while, so the EP doesn't really stray too far from our previous stuff, but I do think that the EP has a little more pep than our other stuff.

PRT: Of course, the tile, "Bringing the War Home", suggests some kind of political statement. Could you elaborate on this? I know there is a book with that title about The Weather Underground and the Red Army Faction...
Devin: Right, and I touch upon the Weather Underground and Black Panthers etc in the song. It's sort of a song about how our war is still going on, but could you really tell? Not really. There's no draft to get the middle to upper class out on the street to demonstrate, but as we learned as a country during Vietnam and the months leading up to the current wars we started after 9/11....we can demonstrate all we want, but our elected officials won't give a shit. That's the message that we have been taught by our government - that we don't matter. And the saddest part about it is that we have come to accept that.

PRT: It seems as if the songwriting has become more elaborate compared to "American Rubicon", there's more to the songs than just being punkrock. Was that a goal when you started writing the EP, to challenge yourself and the listeners a little more?
Devin: I always try to challenge myself a little, but hey, it's just punk/rock music and usually the simplest songs end up being the most popular, but I definitely try to write songs that are different from the previous ones.

PRT: Why just an EP? It's been since 2009 that you released a full length. Isn't it about time for some more songs?
Devin: Yes, but time and scheduling was the main problem. I actually wanted to have another original on the EP, but we only had a short window between tours last summer to record. We had a week to rehearse and then a week to record. It was the only time we had to do the Bad Religion tribute song for Epitaph, too.

PRT: The EP is your first on Fat Wreck. How do you guys feel about being on that label?
Devin: Great! Mike is a really laid back guy. So far it's been all support and no pressure which is good for me because I usually stress out about shit enough on my own.

PRT: You probably have the whitest teeth in punkrock. What's your secret?
Devin: I use copper wire dental floss and snow leopard urine for mouth wash. It's pricey, but it's really improved my social life!

PRT: A new guitar player in 2008, a new drummer in 2010... Is it hard to keep a band together when you work and tour this hard?
Devin: Yes. Our line up was the same for the first two years, but Chad and Charlie had other things they wanted to do after college. We are still friends, though so there was no hard feelings. We may have toured too hard a couple years ago. I know some bands can tour for a whole year or even two, but after we did 5 months straight we felt like that was bit too much. I love to tour, though, so I have no problem with being on the road for months and months. Luke has toured in bands for years as well, so it was nothing new to hime when I called him up and asked if he would be willing to tour 3 months straight with us last year.

PRT: Actually, for just being a band for only five years, there's already been quite some output. Two EP's, two albums and some singles and split 7 inches. Are you afraid of running out of inspiration at some point?
Devin: I don't think I'll ever run out of inspiration, but I don't want to jinx myself as I'm writing for our upcoming album right now. In the past I've just written songs when they came to me and put them aside for recording time, but now I feel like I actually have a deadline or something with I don't like so I'm trying to ignore taht deadline without procrastinating. I have a bunch I'm sitting on right now, too, but I'd really like to just do a bunch of fresher newer ones. We'll see...

PRT: Do you have a certain working regime... Like: get up at 7.30, start writing songs at 9 until noon...?
Devin: Like get up at 11 or 12 and pee, make coffee and read for a bit, walk the dog, write songs and then pee again. After that it's up in the air, but I might go get pizza or mexican food, read and write more and then get some drinks with friends and pee again.

PRT: I predicted in the review of "Bringing the War Home" that your next full length album is going to be the one that takes the band to the next level.What's your opinion? And do you actually want to reach a next level... Like for example Against Me!?
Devin: I feel like you set me up to make a joke about them, but I'm taking the high road, here, Thomás! In all reality, this band has always been and still is very momentary. We are a day by day band and we've never signed a contract with anyone, so your guess is probably better than mine, but as far as "next level"? It would be nice to live off of making music and touring for a little while, but I don't think you'll ever see a band called Cobra Skulls on any top 40 list and that's totally cool with me.

PRT: Do you have any last words?
Devin: Haha! I always like it when I'm asked that, but sorry, no, I have no fantastic parting words. Thanks!

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Tom Dumarey

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