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Young Prisms Drifter Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, January 11, 2022 - 17:26
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San Francisco band Young Prisms return with the announcement of their first full-length album in nearly 10 years, Drifter, due March 25th via Fire Talk. Produced by Shaun Durkan [Weekend, Soft Kill], the twelve-track album finds steadiness in the embrace of uncertainty, where Young Prisms explore the tension and release that comes with bringing your head down from the clouds to make sense of the tangible entanglements that make up everyday existence.

Coupled with the album announcement, Young Prisms share lead single and video for "Honeydew." The upbeat track rings in a new sonic era for the band following their sabbatical. Directed by band member Giovanni Betteo and starring vocalist Stefanie Hodapp, the "Honeydew" video was shot in one take with no cuts and was inspired by the filmmakers Michelangelo Antonioni and Jean-Luc Godard. Betteo explains, "I always wanted to make a video that was focused on restraint especially with choreography being key and shock so prevalent. It feels like a bit of a contradiction for someone, who can't seem to record a song without an excessive amount of filters and effects, to make a video that is in black and white and wholly driven by minimalism.”

Speaking on the inspiration for the single, Hodapp says, "Growing up, my grandmother would tell me that honeydew was her favorite melon. I was never fully convinced. I usually preferred cantaloupe and quite frankly thought she was full of shit because everyone knows cantaloupe tastes better. Clearly this was more of a pitch to her unwilling granddaughter. 'Honeydew' (the song) is about looking back on life and wishing for more, as if it wasn’t right or good enough. Hoping for a time machine to change history. Somehow that stubborn grandmother analogy makes sense now. A honeydew life won't ever be a cantaloupe life, but it's okay and can be just as satisfying if you accept it for what it is."


Drifter track list:

  1. Above Water
  2. Yourside
  3. Honeydew
  4. This Time
  5. Violet
  6. If Ever Now
  7. Melt Away
  8. Outside Air
  9. Self Love
  10. Months Ago
  11. Around
  12. Flight