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Yon Loader
Yon Loader Yon Loader Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, June 27, 2024 - 10:39
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New Zealands's Yon Loader has joined Tiny Engines who will release their Self-Titled debut album in the Fall of 2024.

Yon Loader is a New Zealand recording project developed over distance and led by James Stuteley (Carb on Carb). Made in numerous sessions in various locations, the project weaves together many elements and talents of Aotearoa indie rock. Stuteley composed the core of the songs before fleshing them out with help from a cast of rotating collaborators and key engineer and producer Harry Lilley. These collaborators (including members of Recitals, Welcomer, For Everest, Model Home, Fouler, First Move, and Bad Friend) build Stuteley’s straightforward, candid compositions into an album of weighty, intricate rock songs with melancholic, diaristic emo-punk energy. Interweaving guitar and cello draws on the epic without going into excess. Slipping between thoughtful guitar passages and poignant interludes to expansive uplifting blowouts of repeated vocals and waves of cymbals, Yon Loader's debut album draws you in and holds you tightly.


Yon Loader track listing:

  1. Locked And Left Behind
  2. Tied Up In
  3. Two Good Things
  4. Another Month
  5. Another Year
  6. Waiting Up
  7. In The Glow
  8. In The Way
  9. The Doubt
  10. Leaving Now
  11. Dust Settles Down