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City Lights
Wimps City Lights Punk Rock Theory
Saturday, September 23, 2023 - 10:45
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Wimps and Youth Riot Records are proud to release "City Lights," the title track for Wimps upcoming album, out October 13th.

“City Lights was written during the beginning of the pandemic when I was feeling very alone in a crowded city" says lead singer and composer Rachel Ratner says of the song, adding "It was a way to remind me we were all there for each other even when we couldn't physically see each other. Also Matt plays a ripping bass solo.”

Wimps are at it again with City Lights, another slacker punk moshterpiece ready for the internet to gobble up. Ratner offers stark and playful wordage melding minimalist hooky riffage to cover such prescient topics as the rise of ubiquitous ai (Mind Reader); loneliness, growing inequality, and the loss of community and self (City Lights); a yearning for a return to a feral past (Animal); pollution and climate terrorism (Lake Washington), creating life (Mom) and promising a maybe undeliverable hope to that life during an unceasing pandemic (Morning), among other daily mundanity. Dave Ramm is the drummer and Matt Nyce plays bass.

Indeed, wimps’ City Lights may well stand as an artifact of humanity in a time of increasingly glossed and flawed expression. An imperfect, live, energetic, human statement made by 3 imperfect, mostly alive, yet rapidly deteriorating early 40s bit players of various Seattle whos and whats of a time long ago and soon to be forgotten. City Lights is a collection of solid classic wimps bops from stop to finish.