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All That's Solid
Warn The Duke All That's Solid Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, February 28, 2023 - 21:18
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Brooklyn-based melodic punks Warn The Duke are back with a new album (their first in eight years) titled “All That’s Solid,” due out on Friday, March 17th via SoCal-based label Wiretap Records. Written on the heels of lockdowns, divorce, and addiction, the new LP is a window into the ebbs and flows of recovery.

Songwriter and lead singer Dan McCool (former River City Rebels) leads us through cycles of despair, renewal, and self-forgiveness that emerge after trauma and loss. Far-ranging influences bring us through this journey: the warmth of Mike Ness’s vocals, the wry defiance of Against Me!, the dense, dark guitar tone of Nothing, earworms and hooks of The Replacements, early 2000s math rock-inspired lead guitar lines, and the hard-hitting punk grit of Hot Water Music. Layered harmonies and the combo of male/female vocals help emphasize the record’s bittersweet atmosphere.

Joining McCool are drummer Derek Davis (former Big D and The Kids Table/The Toasters), bassist/vocalist Chris Marciniak, lead guitarist Chris Ferreria, and guitarist/vocalist Dori Cameron.