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Walk The Plank Loathe Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, November 9, 2023 - 21:21
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Walk The Plank will be releasing their new EP "Loathe" out on Mt. Crushmore Records January 12th, 2024 (pre-order). Produced by Ben Green (Fairweather), this will be their first release since 2018's "Void Treader".

Packed with the grimy riffs and vocal growl that they've perfected over the years, Walk The Plank hits us with 6 energetic songs that will bring you back to the insanity of a 3am DIY show at a Miami hostel.


Loathe track list:

  1. Anti-Social Media
  2. Loathe
  3. Boredom
  4. Dugout
  5. Good Guy With A Gun?
  6. Closure