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Wakelee Wakelee Punk Rock Theory
Monday, March 13, 2023 - 17:53
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Brooklyn, NY indie/emo trio wakelee has unveiled "Tug Of War" the new single and music video off the upcoming self-titled 12-track album, produced by Superbloom's Brian DiMeglio (Bartees Strange, Stay Inside, Proper) and out April 14.

Of the track, frontman/guitarist Alex Bulmer says, "We had the structure for this song since 2021, but it took so long to land a vocal melody. We got so frustrated with it that we decided to get into a room together and loop the instrumental over and over again. We would then present our individual verse and chorus ideas to each other. We played the theme from "Shark Tank" as we did our pitches. It was ridiculous, but it turned out to be one of our favorite tracks from the album."

Of the video, Alex says, "We wanted to film a music video ourselves, so we put our iPhone on cinema mode and spent 3 hours in our rehearsal space putting it together. We love how it came out! We wanted it to look like one continuous shot. It was really fun to make."

Formed in Brooklyn in 2019 by Bulmer, his identical twin brother David (drums) and Elliot Shiang (vocals/bass), they met at a friend's show in NYC and immediately bonded over Halal food and indie music. The trio has since released an EP, a healthy batch of emo-tinged singles, including the recently released tracks "Mood Rings," "Everything Under The Sun" and "Outside."