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Existential Risks and Returns
Vacation Existential Risks and Returns Punk Rock Theory
Saturday, June 12, 2021 - 09:46
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Cincinnati Ohio’s Vacation return with Existential Risks and Returns their first proper full length in three years. After a few LPs indulging some of their heavier Guided By Voices tendencies singer/guitarist Jerri Queen came to the band with a batch of complete songs, bringing them to practice for the rest of the band to add their individual flourishes. The result is a more straight- ahead collection of full-band, grit-pop songs that recalls their 2015 LP Non-Person. The band announces their presence on the opener “Color By Numbers” with thick, heavy guitars and a pounding backbeat. Songs like “Luminary Jerry” often feel like they explode as the entire band kicks in. Recorded by Mike Montgomery of R. Ring and Ampline at Candyland in Dayton, KY, at Candyland Studios (The Breeders), the record’s full-speed-ahead feel at time evokes Jay Retard, while sludgey songs like “Controlled Burn” give the listener a rare moment to catch their breath.



  1. Colored By Numbers
  2. Ripe
  3. Controlled Burn
  4. Luminary Jerry
  5. Lame Loss
  6. Liberty Tax Statue Man
  7. Deaf Years
  8. Quantum Cafe
  9. Scull in Lace
  10. User Error
  11. VFTA
  12. Road Kill Cactus