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Trophy Jump Feels Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, February 8, 2022 - 15:20
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Trophy Jump hail from Croatia and of the album they say: "The album “feels” is our first real and completely sincere project as a band. All the songs on the album are a product of self-reflection and were written during a period of several years prior to the pandemic. A huge motivation for writing this record lies in a bunch of amazing and inspiring new music that we discovered and fell in love with during the past five years or so. This record is a blend of old and new, sadness and hopefulness."

Trophy Jump's debut album "Feels" comes out on February 22nd via  Horn & Hoof Records (UK) Nasty Cut Records (EU), JeboTon (Croatia), and We're Trying Records (US) and is available to Pre-order digitally and on CD now with Vinyl coming later in the year


Feels track list:

  1. It's Not a Race!!!
  2. Business Trip
  3. Neon Light
  4. Leather Couch    
  5. I Don't Wanna Live in a Fitness Ad
  6. Brkn Values
  7. Interdimensional Cable 420
  8. FOMO
  9. Hugs on Drugs
  10. Beer Pressure
  11. Sharing is Scary