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Don’t You Feel Amazing?
Trash Boat Don’t You Feel Amazing? Punk Rock Theory
Friday, June 4, 2021 - 18:08
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Trash Boat announced the release of their new album "Don’t You Feel Amazing?," set for release on Friday, August 13th, 2021.

Speaking on the release of new track, vocalist Tobi Duncan shares: “Sometimes the most effective way to tolerate something difficult or painful is to numb yourself and learn to live with it. If enough time passes only the most intense elements of life can bring you back to reality and make you feel alive, the quickest way to achieve this usually disregards your long term health for short term bliss.This song is what I fight every day, it’s what I’m holding myself back from becoming, it’s hedonism, its drugs, it’s sex, it’s excess, it never stops and it wants all of me. This song is a way of living in that moment, like a roleplay, I get to channel that energy and be disgusting for a few minutes a set. We watch horror movies and want more gore and to feel more fear. We enter mosh pits and want to simulate violence. We take drugs to simulate happiness. I wrote this song so I could have all of this and more when I sing it. I get to control it instead of it controlling me".

And of the band’s forthcoming LP, adds: “The album itself is unapologetic and candid wherever it goes. I’ve taken a far more direct approach lyrically and want to leave little to the imagination. We are exposed to so much of the world everyday now, to comprehend everything going on today is too much for any one person. It’s all inconsistent and overwhelming. Each song represents my frustration, desires, struggle, hedonism, pain and redemption while being bluntly honest about each topic”.


Don't You Feel Amazing tracklist:

  1. Don’t You Feel Amazing?
  2. Silence Is Golden  
  3. Bad Entertainment (feat. Milkie Way)
  4. Love Without Needing      
  5. He's So Good        
  6. Vertigo       
  7. Alpha Omega (feat. Kamiyada+)
  8. Idios           
  9. Cannibal                
  10. Live Like A King Die Like An Animal
  11. All I Can Never Be          
  12. Synthetic Sympathy       
  13. Maladaptive Daydreaming