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Casual Drag
Totally Slow Casual Drag Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, April 21, 2021 - 09:17
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In punk, a genre that prizes burning fast and bright, it’s rare for a band to make it to their third album. Greensboro, North Carolina’s Totally Slow have arrived at theirs with renewed energy, a revamped lineup, and an inspired, collaborative songwriting process, resulting in Casual Drag, their sharpest collection of melodic hardcore anthems yet. 

On Casual Drag’s ten streamlined songs, you’ll hear razor sharp, no-frills melodic hardcore, with angry lyrics that show how the personal is inseparable from the political when the country is on the brink of chaos. For this bracing album, Totally Slow has combined the melodic anthems of 1980s SoCal bands like The Adolescents, Agent Orange and The Faction, with the skewed rawk of ‘90s San Diego bands Drive Like Jehu and Truman’s Water, and the righteous conviction of classic DC hardcore like Dag Nasty, Gray Matter and Fugazi. Not only does Totally Slow burn bright, on Casual Drag, they also feed the fire.


Casual Drag track listing:

  1. Found Factions
  2. Call the Pigs
  3. Casual Drag
  4. On Sale
  5. The Needle
  6. Enemies
  7. Skull Cracks
  8. Dead Skater
  9. Push Ups
  10. I Yield My Time, Fuck You