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Estrangers Vol. 1
Time Spent Driving Estrangers Vol. 1 Punk Rock Theory
Saturday, July 11, 2020 - 07:47
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Time Spent Driving will be releasing their new EP, 'Estrangers Vol. 1'. You can check out first single, "Wake Up and Smell the Daisies", below.

Here is what Jon Cattivera of Time Spent Driving had to say about the track.

“I wrote the basic music for this song first out of the bunch. I only had a few lyrics and wasn’t sure if it was something that made sense for this band or another project. That being said, it’s actually the last one I brought to the table and the last one we finished up—barely having it done before going into the studio. After adding more guitar parts and fleshing out the lyrics, we felt it including it was a must. It’s tuned half a step down for a bit more of a heavy grit—we’ve never done anything but standard tuning prior. Lyrically my focus was to be brutally naked, in a Bill Stevenson (All/Descendents) style of sorts—real and uncomfortably comfortable.”


Track listing:

  1. Trust No 1
  2. Under the Weather
  3. Milligrams
  4. Not Just Ink
  5. Wake Up and Smell the Daisies