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Head Full Of Snakes
Tightwire Head Full Of Snakes Punk Rock Theory
Monday, May 22, 2023 - 18:17
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The best pop-punk bands come from the Midwest. That thar's a science fact. Another proven law of Ramones-core is that the second album is even better. That's why Red Scare is fired up about this new record: "Head Full Of Snakes" is destined for greatness! Tightwire came storming outta Minneapolis in 2018 with a catchy/crusty/spooky debut and toured with Dillinger Four, Chixdiggit!, Off With Their Heads, and more. Since then, they've only gotten stronger with the addition of Noelle on second guitar and added vocals. She's Iowa punk royalty! And now that Tightwire 2.0 is armed with 12 new songs about darkness and damnation, they'll be hitting the road on some tasty tours and festivals.


Head Full Of Snakes track list:

  1. Head Full Of Snakes
  2. Party
  3. Smoke Machine
  4. One Foot In The Grave
  5. Anyone But You
  6. Bad Things
  7. Bitter Pill
  8. Bad Decisions
  9. Shakin'
  10. Good Time
  11. Rehab... Again
  12. Alone On Christmas