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Sick Sesh!
Teenage Bottlerocket Sick Sesh! Punk Rock Theory
Friday, June 18, 2021 - 08:43
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They’ve toured the world countless times. They’ve kept the leather jacket-and-Converse look alive through an increasingly neon landscape. They’ve written songs about KISS, Top Gun, and Minecraft. Hell, they’ve even been on CNN a few times! So, please welcome back to the spotlight, Wyoming’s own Teenage Bottlerocket, whose ninth album, the 12-track Sick Sesh! — traffic-cone-orange cover art and all — will be released on August 27th! Plus, they have a new music video to share for their lead single, “Ghost Story”.

The hauntingly rad video was created by Kaleb Kaiser, with lyrics written by bassist Miguel Chen. Chen adds, “My awesome wife and I were sitting around one day, when she told me she worries about what would happen to her and the kids if I ever died. I jokingly told her it’d be a ghost story because I’d definitely come back to haunt them.”


Track listing:


  1. Semi Truck
  2. You're Never Going Out Of Style
  3. Ghost Story
  4. Never Sing Along
  5. Strung Out on Stress
  6. Statistic
  7. Hello Dana
  8. Spend the Night
  9. The Squirrel
  10. Theoretical Reality
  11. Gorilla Warfare
  12. Moving On