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Songs About Dudes, Volume 2
Taken By Vultures Songs About Dudes, Volume 2 Punk Rock Theory
Monday, March 4, 2024 - 19:45
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After 4 years as a band, Taken By Vultures have finally pulled it together to bring the world 9 songs! 2 Of those songs are remixed/remastered old releases, one of them is an acoustic version of an old fan favorite and the other two were released as singles in summer of '23 and winter of '24.

'Songs About Dudes, Volume 2' is available in limited edition color vinyl. Really limted, only 75 units.


Songs About Dudes, Volume 2 track list:

  1. Blood Diamonds (a song about a jewel thief swallowing diamonds so the cops can't get them)
  2. Dr. Klaw (all about NYC's underground lobster roll dealer)
  3. Hot Saus (once you hear it, you'll get it)
  4. Half in the Bag (definitely not about getting too drunk...)
  5. Zuul (a Ghostbuster's love story)
  6. Marsupial Mayhem (just your average kid fighting a kangaroo)
  7. Nowhere Else (if you know... you know...)
  8. Grandpa Joe is a Dirty Freeloader (he really is a piece of garbage)
  9. John Larroquette's Acoustic Spine (a song about Bender B. Rodriguez, acoustically)