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Every Second
Taken Days Every Second Punk Rock Theory
Saturday, March 6, 2021 - 09:39
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So Cal punks Taken Days announced their forthcoming full-length 'Every Second...,' out March 19 via Wiretap Records.

Produced by Cameron Webb, the record packs a dozen songs inspired by 90's and early 2000's punk rock, emo and pop punk. Earlier releases by the band include "Ten More Miles" EP 2018 and "Nowhere Slowly" EP 2017.


Track listing:


  1. How'd it Come to This?
  2. Giving Up    
  3. It's About Time
  4. Broken Ring
  5. My S Cape
  6. Why Can't I
  7. Smile
  8. I Decide    
  9. What Used To Be
  10. Snow Globe
  11. Gone Nowhere Slowly
  12. Sometimes