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Love Child
Sweat Love Child Punk Rock Theory
Friday, February 9, 2024 - 10:33
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Southern California trio SWEAT are creating hardcore-punk with a rock and roll flair. Formed in 2019, SWEAT is comprised of vocalist Tuna Tardugno, guitarist/bassist Justin Smith, and drummer Anthony Rivera, who have spent time playing in bands including Dangers, Graf Orlock, and Dogteeth. Today SWEAT announce Love Child, their lively, snarky, and aggressive sophomore album set for release March 15th on Smith’s long running label Vitriol Records.

Collaborating with producer and sometimes second guitarist Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden (Paint It Black, Gouge Away) the band laid down endless demos before honing in on the ten tracks that make up Love Child. First single “Give Me Action,” out now, is a fiery and ruthless track with Tuna’s raw and sarcastic delivery jumping off the electrifying musicianship of Smith and Rivera. The song itself is about the bliss of playing live and is sure to make you want to bounce around.

As veterans of the booming SoCal music scene, SWEAT encompass the fun energy and in your face attitude the area is known for. Citing Hot Snakes, Thin Lizzy, and The Rival Mob as influences, the band know how to write a tasty lick and a circle pit ready breakdown. On Love Child, SWEAT sway from singing about having a good time to addressing more serious topics like the healthcare system and mass shootings.

On her lyrical delivery, Tuna expands: “I think a lot of the feeling is the despair around the state of the world, and the internal struggles with rejection of growth or outside ideas. I, of course, add in a fair amount of sarcasm and resentment, especially around positions of and abuse of power.”

Driven by friendship and a love for music, SWEAT are declaring they are here to keep the originality flowing in hardcore with the release of Love Child.


Love Child track list:

  1. Commercial Pleasure
  2. Give Me Action
  3. Pair Of Dice
  4. Pure Display
  5. White Nectarines
  6. Bad Taste
  7. Love Child
  8. Physical
  9. A Real Good Time
  10. Predisposed Paranoia