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Return To Sender
Superdown Return To Sender Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, September 20, 2023 - 12:22
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On Superdown's debut LP "Return to Sender", the band wastes little time setting the tone for what's to come. Gruff vocals belt catchy melodies that you find yourself singing by each song's end over distorted guitars and driving rhythms that pay homage to 90s era punk/indie rock. 10 songs that manage to revive the past in a fresh new way that will have you feel that that 90s are alive and well in Superdown.

Barreling straight into song after song, Boston Massachusetts outfit Superdown live each note like there is no tomorrow. Vocals move from gentle to guttural at a moment's notice. The music heightens and breaks into a driving force that feels like it is carrying you to shore through a violent sea. If Samiam and Hot Water Music had the sensibility of The Gaslight Anthem, the result would be Superdown.


Return To Sender track list:

  1. U.A.A.
  2. Away
  3. Rattle
  4. Alright
  5. Wasted
  6. Backbone
  7. Ships
  8. Nights
  9. Patterns
  10. Stare