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The End Is What I Want
Suck Brick Kid The End Is What I Want Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, March 14, 2024 - 19:47
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SUCK BRICK KID will drop their new album The End Is What I Want via Smarpunk Records on May 17. Ahead of the album release, the band is also debuting two singles: "It's Okay…Probably" and "Unacceptable."

Suck Brick Kid's upcoming album is a fun, yet introspective punk record about how they think you felt when you inscribed your life's work to that snot rocket-inhabited bathroom stall. It's a little dirty, a little irreverent, and totally fun. It's also a major source of inspiration for the new album. More on that in a second, though...

Speaking about the new single "It's Okay...Probably," the band says, "Mental health is no joke — but we are. This track is a colorful re-telling of someone who is 'going through it' but is masking or pushing it all deep down to not appear 'crazy.' However, after hearing what this character is dealing with, we are certain you may end up just using the 'C' word to describe them."

With a decade of beers literally under their belt, Suck Brick Kid have defined themselves as "loud as fuck and fast as fuck." This is mainly because their vocabulary is small and rudimentary, at best. But also because they really do both of these things better than most. They don't take themselves too seriously and that's infinitely refreshing!

With a slew of conceptual albums already out, Suck Brick Kid aimed high for this new release and found inspiration in one of the lowest places imaginable...a dive bar bathroom. Bathroom graffiti is often over-looked, over-pissed-on, or even over-appreciated (I saw you draw a penis on that stick figure you dirty dog) but Suck Brick Kid wanted to tap into the mindset of some of these individuals and explore what they were (maybe) going through when they made their mark. This opened up possibilities for the songs that vocalist Grant Tchekmeian and guitarist Ian Marchionda cleverly navigated, as they crafted some of the most insane and absurd lyrical content to date. The End Is What I Want should strike a chord with any lover of punk music, dive bars, both of those things, or people who just like a cheeky poop joke.



The End Is What I Want track list:

  1. I Wrote On The Wall! Take That Society!
  2. It's Okay… Probably
  3. What I Do When I Black Out Is None Of My Business
  4. You Can Paint Over Me But I’ll Still Be Here
  5. Silence Is Golden But Duct Tape Is Silver
  6. Wish I Brought A Life Vest
  7. Life Ain’t All Burritos and Strippers My Friend
  8. Beware Of Limbo Dancers
  9. Drunk Octopus Wants To Fight
  10. Unacceptable
  11. The End Is What I Want