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Songs Of Armor And Devotion
Strung Out Songs Of Armor And Devotion Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - 18:26
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Strung Out will be releasing their brand-new album, 'Songs of Armor and Devotion,' on August 9th. Produced by Cameron Webb, (Motörhead, Megadeth), Songs of Armor and Devotion is a record that brims with the same ferocious fire the band had at the very start of their career, almost 30 years ago.

Leading the collection is the moody “Daggers,” which features singer/songwriter Jason Cruz telling a story of personal turmoil, within the backdrop of an increasingly dystopian America.


Track listing:

  1. Rebels and Saints
  2. Daggers
  3. Ulysses
  4. Under the Western Sky
  5. Monuments
  6. White Girls
  7. Demons
  8. Hammer Down
  9. Disappearing City
  10. Politics of Sleep
  11. Diamonds and Gold
  12. Strange Notes
  13. Bloody Knuckles