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Last Band Standing
Strike Twelve Last Band Standing Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, May 4, 2023 - 09:54
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San Diego/Temecula punks Strike Twelve have announced a June 30th release date for their upcoming album 'Last Band Standing' on Thousand Islands Records.

Watch the video for the first single "Smart Phones, Stupid People" below. The video was shot entirely on the band's phones with help from Kaci, Gaby, Laila, Melisa, Connor, Ben.

Bassist and vocalist Joey T says, "I got the inspiration for this song while sitting on the couch with several other people in the room, all of us separately staring in silence at our respective phones. 'Smart Phones, Stupid People' takes a look at the challenges we face with our ever-growing dependence on technology and reminds us that there is a real world with real people right in front of us. And, of course, we shot the whole video on our smart phones…"