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Too Late To Start Again
Steve Marino Too Late To Start Again Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, June 14, 2023 - 16:24
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Steve Marino might just be the best kept secret in guitar pop—but not for long. Known for his work playing in bands like Angel Du$t, Jacky Boy, and Bugg, the LA-based songwriter is now stepping into the spotlight with the announcement of his new album, Too Late To Start Again, due out July 28th from Pop Wig Records.

Too Late To Start Again offers ten tracks of power pop gold, a sunny and sweet embrace of crunchy guitars and giant hooks that will charm you the second you hit play. To celebrate the album's announcement Marino has shared its first single "Got You (In My World Now)." The song's combination of fuzz and melody sounds like lost late '90s classic, packing a chorus that would make Evan Dando or Stephan Jenkins sweat.


Too Late To Start Again track list:

  1. Satisfy You
  2. Comedown
  3. Got You (In My World Now)
  4. Kingdom
  5. Leaning Off The Sun
  6. Tune You Out
  7. Love You More Than Before
  8. Blue
  9. Pins and Needles
  10. I Don't Want Control of You