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Off On The Charabanc
Snuff Off On The Charabanc Punk Rock Theory
Friday, February 2, 2024 - 10:48
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Eight new tracks and seven acoustic versions from Snuff. A folk band for the age. A punk band for the Millenium. Making music for music's sake. Completely independent and self-sustaining. The punk & mod men of Harrow in a direct timeline from the sharply dressed Hoochie Coochie blues & soul men of Chicago and Detroit. Duncan Redmonds is a storyteller and observer following on from the British folk tradition of Richard Thompson and Martin Carthy set to a punk-motown beat that is revered in certain circles but misunderstood in polite society. Raucous songs of modern folk tales. Each story unfolds as you listen to their punk soul blues And here they are today. It’s tough to define their sound, because the band dabble in various musical styles whilst maintaining an overall sound that is instantly recognisable and totally rooted in melodic punk. Guitar riffs,organs, horns and harmonies, all underpinned by the songwriting talent of Duncan Redmonds and long-time right hand man Loz Wong.


Off On The Charabanc track list:

  1. Go Easy    
  2. Charabanc    
  3. Booster    
  4. Yellow Lights    
  5. Purple Prisoner    
  6. Fireball    
  7. Children Get Ready    
  8. The Skip    
  9. Charabanc (Acoustic)    
  10. Go Easy (Acoustic)    
  11. Reach (Acoustic)    
  12. Yellow Lights (Acoustic)    
  13. Toxic (Acoustic)    
  14. All Over Now (Acoustic)    
  15. An Arm and a Leg to Kilnsey Crag (Acoustic)