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I Feel Like I’m Becoming A Ghost
The Sleeping I Feel Like I’m Becoming A Ghost Punk Rock Theory
Friday, March 24, 2023 - 08:45
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After coming down from the high of two sold out reunion shows in Brooklyn and on Long Island, post-punk outfit THE SLEEPING has announced their first new album in nearly 13 years featuring their original lineup that hasn’t written together in over 16 years. I Feel Like I’m Becoming A Ghost is due out on July 28th and is now available for preorder via Kickstarter. Rare items and limited edition bundles are available as well.

“Now that this is the original lineup, it feels like a massive evolution,” says vocalist Douglas Robinson. “I would describe this new record as a band that stayed true to who they are while completely reshaping the approach to their sound. This record feels way more focused from every angle, but it’s us at its core. We were never a band who copied our influences. Everything that we put out is influenced by our love for music as a whole, and not just particular bands or artists.”

On I Feel Like I'm Becoming A Ghost, The Sleeping dials in their eccentric and erratic blend of ambient indie rock, post-punk, and melodic hardcore. From the uncomfortability of unknown people entering and refusing to leave your personal space ("The Animal") to wanting to get back to the positive side of your personality ("No Light") to battling with yourself on a regular basis ("Tainted") to the crossing over of your personality from happy to anxious, frustrated and stressed ("Halcyon") - I Feel Like Becoming A Ghost shines a light on mental instability.

The album was written, recorded, and produced at Applehead Recording in Woodstock, NY with the infamous production duo Mike Birnbaum and Chris Bittner (Coheed and Cambria, Bad Brains, Weerd Science, Team Sleep) with insight from the band.