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Shanty Punk
Skinny Lister Shanty Punk Punk Rock Theory
Monday, July 17, 2023 - 15:32
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Skinny Lister are excited to confirm details of their sixth studio LP titled ‘Shanty Punk’, for release on 20 October via Xtra Mile Recordings. The album announcement is coupled with the unveiling of its leading single, “Company of the Bar”.

A song built for the road and the endless adventures it can promise, “Company Of The Bar”, fuses three themes that have loomed large throughout Skinny Lister’s output: drinking, traveling, and the sea. Combining these into one driving, no-nonsense celebration of the virtues of hanging out down the pub with mates and loved ones; it’s a barnstorming addition to the Skinny catalogue and one that pines to be heard bellowed out at your local gig haunt. As Dan Heptinstall says:

“It’s a simple sentiment, but one that is at the heart of the Skinny Lister philosophy. This is a song that has been built for the rugged road, and we can’t wait to hear it belted back at us on our upcoming US and UK Tours later this year!”

The track is the leading single to be cut from ‘Shanty Punk’, Skinny Lister’s sixth long-player; a concept album that’s all about, well, Skinny Lister. As Dan explains:

“Shanty Punk is our concept album – and the concept is Skinny Lister. It’s a pure distillation of what makes Skinny Lister tick, and perhaps a collection of songs that leans further into our folky routes than we’ve ventured in some years. It felt to us like it was time to touch base and celebrate the essence of the band, while at the same time – giving it a fresh and dynamic feel.”

Arriving as the follow-up to 2021’s ‘A Matter of Life & Love’, a freewheeling record that paid homage to all the greatest things in life, ‘Shanty Punk’ goes one further with a riotous reflection upon the journey that has defined Skinny Lister as a band.

A record full of drunken tales that beg to be told – like that time frontman Daniel Heptinstall got in above his head in an arm-wrestling competition in Dresden (“Arm Wrestling In Dresden”) and the pickle the band found themselves in after hiring the wrong driver for a US Tour ("Pittsburgh Punch Up”). Elsewhere, the LP features “Down On The Barrier,” an arena-sized ripper that finds Skinny Lister worshiping at the immortal altar of live music via pogo-primed percussion, Pogues-y punk hooks, and a chorus that demands to be roared-out loud and proud.

There’s of course also room for the obligatory poignant moment or two as well, such as the Lorna Heptinstall-led “Mantra” and album closer “Broken, Bruised & Battered.” Even Party George – Lorna & Max’s dad, who’s become a cult legend amongst Skinny fans – makes an appearance, singing his self-penned “William Harker.” It’s yet another tale that unashamedly takes its inspiration from the English public house, and a song that George has often been found singing up on stage with the band over the years. There’s also a down the line vocal and stomp, shanty-style track in the form of “13 Miles.”

Written and recorded by Skinny Lister, mixed by Patrick Phillips and Daniel Heptinstall, the album was given its mastering polish at the iconic Abbey Road Studios by Frank Arkwright.

With its album artwork a swirling collage of imagery that has become synonymous with the band since their inception in 2009 - with flagons, red shoes, boots and land rovers all present and correct - the cover of ‘Shanty Punk’ makes it clear from the get-go that this is very much the definitive Skinny Lister album. A glorious mix of chest-thumping anthems, shanty sing-a-longs and folk/punk classics born to be heard live, it’s a full-blooded and frenzied glimpse into the very heart and soul of Skinny Lister, and a thriving statement of just what continues to make these long-standing folk-punk treasures tick.


Shanty Punk track list:

  1. Haul & Bale
  2. Unto The Breach
  3. Company Of The Bar
  4. Mantra
  5. 13 Miles
  6. Down On The Barrier
  7. Arm Wrestling In Dresden
  8. Pittsburgh Punch Up
  9. Forge On George
  10. William Harker
  11. Broken, Bruised & Battered