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In The Alternate Timeline
Sicko In The Alternate Timeline Punk Rock Theory
Monday, July 22, 2019 - 19:49
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The first "new" release from these Seattle legends in like 20 years! If there was any justice, Sicko woulda been just as popular as all those huge punk bands that emerged in the 1990's. While much of the West Coast stuff that dominated the scene was macho and bedecked with wallet chains, Sicko was contemporaries with classy bands like MTX, Jawbreaker, and J-Church. They were nerds, and they were OUR nerds. Our champions. After four LPs, the band dissolved in 1998 and, true to form, the members went on to pursue tech careers and attend Oxford. But now we've put together a collection/anthology to remind young pop-punks how it's done. 19 remastered songs, hand-picked by the band, and accompanied by some cool art and fun liner notes. A great collection of hits for the old fans -OR- the perfect introduction for new listeners!


Track listing:

  1. Where I Live
  2. FB Song
  3. 80 Dollars
  4. Bad Year
  5. A Song About A Rabbit
  6. Little
  7. Believe
  8. The Sprinkler
  9. Wave Motion Gun
  10. Farm Song
  11. On The Clock
  12. Me And Carl
  13. Kathy's Dance
  14. Rehashed
  15. Wisdom Tooth Weekend
  16. High Hopes
  17. An Indie Rock Daydream
  18. Cover Up
  19. Washington My Home