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July 1960
Sammy Kay July 1960 Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, May 23, 2024 - 22:32
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Sammy Kay is familiar with the stories, songs and the tapes of those who walked before him in the lineage of the Jersey Shores musical history. On his new record, July 1960, Kay went back to basics and looked in the mirror.

With this collection of songs, accompanied by John Calvin Abney and Cory Tramontelli, Kay stripped down the songs lyrically, and developed a dreamscape consisting of pianos, pedal steel guitars, and strings to shape every feeling possible to weave in and out of Kay’s sandpaper voice, which Rolling Stone describes as “the sound of a guy who has seen some shit and come out the other side, maybe a little less intact than he was before.”

American Songwriter describes Kay as “the sound of the deserted Seaside Heights boardwalk in the winter, abandoned by the summer tourists from the city, steeped in the creeping depression of the vacated Jersey shore.”

This is currently on Pre-order - will be shipping out on or around July 19th, 2024