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Rid Of Me Traveling Punk Rock Theory
Wednesday, September 22, 2021 - 20:36
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania heavy, melodic, noisenik punk quartet Rid of Me, an act comprised of members of Fight Amp, Anxiety Spiral, Low Dose, Legendary Divorce, and Soul Glo, announced the release of their first LP, Travelling, via Knife Hits Records (digital/cassette/CD) and The Ghost Is Clear Records (vinyl) on December 3.

Travelling follows Last (June 2021), Summer (April 2020) and Broke Shit Demos (October 2020). It was recorded at The Gradewell House with Steve Poponi and The Bummer Basement with Mike McGinnis. Poponi mixed it and it was mastered by Dave Downham.

Pre-order vinyl via The Ghost Is Clear Records or digidigital / cassette / CD via Knife Hits Records.


Traveling track list:

  1. Myself    
  2. 23
  3. Travelling
  4. I Don't Wanna
  5. Fun
  6. True (Blue)
  7. Spilling
  8. Broke Shit
  9. Pit
  10. Dealing