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Letting Go
Reuther Letting Go Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, November 17, 2020 - 20:21
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Hailing from Detroit, ​Reuther​ is a band that rose from the ashes of the former projects of thefounding members Jim Vee and Daniel Stover. Having spent years together touring the US with their former bands, they ultimately wanted to continue the excitement and energy that reckless touringand performing afforded them. Their vision is to allow their penchant for catchy, poppy and infectious songs guide them while obtaining inspiration from their favorite bands ​The Loved Ones,The Flatliners ​and ​The Swellers​.

This combination of pop sensibilities and powerful melodies havebeen building ​Reuther​’s name since their inception in 2013. After a series of demos and singles,they released their first full-length LP  “​Like a Ghost”​ in early 2018. It is available on Digital and Vinyl via ​Get Party Records​ and ​Too Hype​ Music. A new 5 song EP by the band called ​“Letting Go” ​is being released on January 1st, 2021 on Get PartyRecords.

The new batch of songs is a reflection on the current state of life in the US, both intimate and broad. The band’s namesake, ​Walter Reuther​, is well known in Detroit for fighting endlessly for worker’s rights in the early and mid 20th century. The past year has been a stern reminder that this fight is never over. Singer, Guitarist and Lyricist Jim Vee has taken direct inspiration from the hardships that many are enduring since losing their jobs at the beginning of the 2020 pandemic and prior. ​Reuther​ wanted to encapsulate these ideals into their new songs, relying on the deprivational experiences that many can identify with in America, especially now. The content of the lyrics are personal and at the same time, completely relatable. Themes of hopelessness after losing a job, struggling with depression, and the yearning for a new start and a new understanding are what you can expect from this record. Many new themes were being explored for the band, but they’re always mixed with Pop Rock ferocity.