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Winter Heart, Summer Skin
Reunions  Winter Heart, Summer Skin
Thursday, June 6, 2019 - 20:13
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Reunions is one of the least active bands around right now. It’s rare to see their name on a flyer, and you’ll be lucky to catch them playing outside of their home base of San Francisco, CA. They stay busy in their own way though. Outside of their lives as fathers, husbands, artists, and dog dads, they’ve continued to sharpen their already distinct sound.

While their first two EPs were described as an “intense throwback to early 90s emo/hardcore/punk” and “full of life, energy and emotion; raw and unspoiled,” you’ll hear them hit their stride on their first full-length album Winter Heart, Summer Skin.

Written and recorded over the course of almost two years, Reunions refined that careful and dynamic blend of emo, melodic punk, and american rock across these 10 tracks. And although their influences are still clearly present, their approach to songwriting is delightfully straightforward, as if those years in the studio only strengthened their confidence in themselves and their songwriting.


Track listing:

  1. Light Left On
  2. Past Present Future Perfect
  3. In Blackout Rooms
  4. Sentimentality is for Suckers
  5. An Endless Night, A Century
  6. Faster Still
  7. Sheet Metal Grey
  8. Slow Fade
  9. Me, Incomplete
  10. I Need an Editor