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You Are More Than Right Now
Resignation You Are More Than Right Now Punk Rock Theory
Sunday, February 19, 2023 - 11:35
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Blending together the skatepunk and post-hardcore sounds from the 90’s, Resignation creates hope embedded earworms for those ready to address their everyday demons. Their debut EP off Friend Club Records “You Are More Than Right Now” offers up an earnest sound which insists that their audience wrestle with empathy, recognizing shared mental health struggles and the deep need for community.

Help break the silence surrounding mental health and suicide by connecting with Hope For The Day at hftd.org.


You Are More Than Right Now track list:

  1. Apologies Necessary
  2. Eddie Kingston
  3. CKA
  4. My Therapist Says I Have a Fear of Time (He's Right)
  5. The Pieces