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The Aging Punk
The Reaganomics The Aging Punk Punk Rock Theory
Saturday, November 16, 2019 - 18:07
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The Reaganomics have been kicking around the Red Scare roster for about 10 years and they only show their faces when they feel there’s a need to mock Republicans and/or ladder-climbing scenester punks. And let’s be honest: there’s currently a need. These dudes are from Joliet, Illinois (hold your applause), and they don’t ever tour because they have weird jobs like… music teacher and stuff. Their rare live shows are half laughs and half a display of exorbitant musicianship. But we got them to head into Chicago to record with Dan Tinkler (The Falcon, Elway, etc.) and crank out 13 songs of hefty shreddin’. This new Nomix record is called “The Aging Punk”, and it sounds like if you took the comedic writing of The Hard Times and merged it with Propagandhi’s heavy thrash-punk. You probably will never see this foursome on tour, so the only chance you have to enjoy these wicked riffs is right here on this new album!


Track listing:

  1. The Four Cliches
  2. Dear Jaymez
  3. Dunzo
  4. Happy Birthday Jeff
  5. Mountains
  6. Worth A Damn
  7. STFU
  8. Meth Gator
  9. Grown Ass Man
  10. Don't Be An Asshole
  11. Kingmaker
  12. Summer Maiden
  13. Confessions Of A Snowflake Lib-Tard