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It's Only Permanent
Rational Anthem It's Only Permanent Punk Rock Theory
Thursday, September 26, 2019 - 07:36
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Rational Anthem have just announced their new album It's Only Permanent, set to be released November 1st on A-F Records.

They are a pop-punk band made up of sister/brother duo Noelle and Pete Stolp and longtime friend Christopher Hembrough. Originally from Florida, the three made the choice to move from their small town in Florida to Iowa City, hoping it would give them a chance to focus on the band together, and simplify tour routings. The band then spent 3 years writing and rewriting their record until they felt they landed on the best possible version of their sound. That 3 year period in the midwest because of their eccentric decision to relocate colors the album completely, many of the songs focused around the theme of what they call "geographic dysphoria."
Noelle Stolp, her brother Pete, and little Christopher Hembrough have been hammering it out in basements as Rational Anthem since before you were punk. With the release of their third album though – and first for A-F Records - they’re finally debuting as the band they were meant to be. Meticulously crafted, workshopped, and retooled over the course of three years (with the help and guidance of friends from Direct Hit! and The Copyrights), It’s Only Permanent showcases Rational’s full pop punk potential. Which isn’t to say it’s not only gonna get better from here – because it definitely is. Get on board now though with this fun, grimy, catchy punk rock or we’ll tell all your friends that you’re a total poser.


Track listing:

  1. Welcome To Paradise City
  2. Photographic Memory
  3. Let It Go
  4. Unimaginary Girlfriend
  5. Stay Together For The Chicks
  6. Geographic Dysphoria
  7. Alright Already
  8. Godspeed You! Black Empanada
  9. Dragger
  10. Better Get Better
  11. Through Being Punk