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Save The World
The Queers Save The World Punk Rock Theory
Monday, February 8, 2021 - 20:38
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You heard right! The Queers are here to save the world. Joe Queer brings us a new batch of instant classics bubblegum punk pop that will have us bopping our heads and singing along in no time. Having been on the road for the last 3 decades, this is killing the band not being able to play these new songs live. When things are safe again, you'll be singing along to the new songs.


Track listing:

  1. Attack of the 5 ft Bitch
  2. Shirley needs a Dildo
  3. Shit for Brains
  4. My Heart's in the Right Place
  5. Cheeto in a Speedo Eating a Burrito
  6. Young Dumb and Into Iron Maiden
  7. Fanculo A Tutti
  8. If I Had a Girl like You
  9. Hong Fucking Kong
  10. White Power Feud in Atlanta
  11. Bubblegum Girl
  12. Let the Rain Wash Away my Tears
  13. Leave That Girl Alone
  14. Nightmare to Deal with
  15. We Love our Fans