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Sick Sad World Survival Guide
Pity Party Sick Sad World Survival Guide Punk Rock Theory
Tuesday, August 22, 2023 - 09:43
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Pity Party is an emo/pop-punk band from the SF/Bay Area, CA. Characterized by their frenzied, unforgettable live shows and fierce dedication to community outreach and mental health advocacy, Pity Party have been spreading their wild, barely-holding-it-together energy across the US since 2014. After years of touring the US, supporting acts like Jawbreaker, The Ergs! and Bad Cop/Bad Cop, having dipped their toes in touring internationally in 2019, Pity Party are ready to spread their love to the world.

"Our new EP titled ‘Sick Sad World Survival Guide’ is a re-recording/re-imagining of a few of our older favorite songs from our first LP Gnarbage, along with a cover and a brand new song "Ionize My Enemies". This collection of songs comes from our early 20's, doing dumb shit, watching close friends pass away, holding each other through the worst and finding ourselves on the other side," says singer and guitarist Sarah Levy.


Sick Sad World Survival Guide track list:

  1. Suicide Handbook
  2. Waste Of Life
  3. Booze Cruz
  4. Gnarbage
  5. Ionize My Enemies
  6. Toxic